Perfume on the Radio

I'll Find You My Precious

November 04, 2021 Chris Kemp, Mason Hainey, Carlos Morera, Nina Mross, Matthew Teutimez, Saskia Wilson-Brown Season 1 Episode 16
Perfume on the Radio
I'll Find You My Precious
Show Notes

The pleasures of the chase. The joy of the discovering. Humans LOVE a challenge - especially one with a treasure at the end of it. Good news for perfume lovers: aromatic materials can be the most challenging and enticing treasures of all. For episode 16 of Perfume on the Radio we are joined by experts in the chasing, and the uncovering, of magical botanicals, aromatics, and landscapes.

Chris Kemp (writer, 'Floating Gold', among others) talks about ambergris, what it is, how people find it. Mason Hainey (Mizu) talks about orris root, how it's processed and what it brings to perfumery. Carlos Morera and Nina Mross (Cactus Store) talk about two very VERY sought after plants, and the impact of human desire on the environment. Matthew Teutimez (Environmental Director Kizh Nation / Gabrieleno) talks about the relationship to the land, and botany, from the Kizh Nation perspective.

Premiered Nov. 4, 2021, 5pm PT on Lookout FM

Songs by Emmitt James
Hosted by Saskia Wilson-Brown

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